タイトルの「The NewZ(ザ・ニューズィー)」は「Z世代」が意識されています。このニューズレターはプロジェクト立ち上げから原稿執筆、編集までのすべてを「Z世代」の大学生が中心となって担っています。若い世代の皆さんが医療制度、さらにはその先の未来の医療制度に関心を持ってくだされば幸いです。

The Japanese have had opportunities to enjoy medical care under the universal health insurance system.
However, with the declining birthrate and aging population, the burden of social security costs on the younger generation is expected to increase, and the corona disaster has revealed the weak points of Japan’s healthcare system. Therefore, there is a growing need to review it. In addition, the voices of patients are less likely to be reflected in healthcare policies and the number of young people who desire to participate in the design of the healthcare system is increasing.
Considering the current situation, Institute for New Era Strategy (INES) and Japan Counselors (JC) have decided to publish a monthly report to provide an opportunity for young people to think about the future of the social security, medical insurance system, and the healthcare system.
Students studying abroad will gather information on episodes that symbolize the differences between the local healthcare system and the Japanese healthcare system, and write reports in both Japanese and English.
The title, “The NewZ,” was created with the “Generation Z” in mind.
The NewZ is a newsletter whose entire process, from project launch to writing and editing, has been performed by “Generation Z” college students.
We hope that you will have an interest in the healthcare system of your generation and the future.